The Creative Photograph in Archaeology

Goesta Hellner
Erechtheion. Head of a Caryatid, 1970

September 10 – December 10, 2008

The Creative Photograph in Archaeology is an exhibition that brings together for the first time new ways of seeing archaeological sites, monuments and sculpture, from the invention of photography to the present day. The work of influential photographers such as Robertson, Konstantinou, Stillman, Boissonnas, Hege, List, Hellner and Mavrommatis show new tendencies in the representation of antiquities, and suggests a new way of seeing beyond the obvious — and revealing the creative presence of the photographer.

The exhibition is curated by Costis Antoniadis and is organized by Socratis Mavrommatis and the Benaki Museum in Athens, in collaboration with Fairfield University.

Dimitrios Konstantinou
The Arch of Hadrian from the west, ca. 1865
Dimitrios Konstantinou
The Odeion of Herodes Atticus from the southwest, ca. 1865
Wlliam James Stillman
The east pteron of the Parthenon from the south, 1869
Walter Hege
Erechtheion. The porch of the Caryatids, 1928-1929
Goesta Hellner
Kerameikos museum. Grave stele of Eupheros, 1964
Socratis Mavrommatis
Detail of a column drum of the west end of the Parthenon. Cracks made by cannon balls and bullets, 1982

Public Program

4:00 p.m.
October 22
Exhibition Tour led by Dr. Richard Mason, Ancient Studies, UMBC

Installation Views