Our People, Our Land, Our Images

Laguna Pueblo (b. 1925)
Lee Marmon
Laguna Pueblo (b. 1925)
Laguna Eagle Dancers, 1962
Black-and-white print

January 29 – March 18, 2018

Opportunities to view indigenous peoples through the eyes of indigenous photographers are rare and recent. This photographic exhibition features the work of indigenous artists from North America, Peru, Iraq, and New Zealand. Distinctive in its historical reach, the exhibition includes newly discovered 19th-century trailblazers, members of the next generation of emerging photographers, and well established contemporary practitioners.

Our People, Our Land, Our Images has been carefully constructed as a first person, indigenous account. Reflecting contemporary trends, the photographers and their subjects vary in style, from straightforward documentary accounts to aesthetically altered images combining overlays and collage. The variety found in the exhibition conveys the plurality of the indigenous voices and their concerns. The photographs are united, however, in how they convey their makers’ connections to the land, community, and traditions.

Ultimately, the multiplicity of perspectives represented by the exhibition and its texts sustains an open-ended experience that will actively engage audiences as they analyze how “the camera, in the hands of indigenous visionaries, becomes a tool or weapon that possesses the power to confront and deconstruct stereotypes, politics, and histories.” Our People, Our Land, Our Images provides insight into the variations in and history of bicultural identity. Further, the exhibition demonstrates the longevity and continuing vitality of native traditions of photography and answers the overdue and continuing need to expand the knowledge of indigenous self-presentation in photography.

Peña Bonita
Apache/Seminole (b. 1948)
Skywalker, 2006
Color print
Sama Alshaibi
Iraqi/Palestinian (b. 1973)
Olives from Gaza: The Bitter Dream, 2004
Digital print
Erica Lord
Athabaskan/Inupiaq (b. 1978)
Untitled (I Tan to Look More Native)
from the series Tanning Project, 2006
Inkjet C-print
Shan Goshorn
Cherokee (b. 1957)
Pawnee Woman in Field from the series Earth Renewal, c. 2002
Hand-tinted, double exposed, black-and-white photographs

Public Program

6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Artist’s Talk: Shelley Niro

Niro, who received her MFA from the University of Western Ontario, is an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist and member of the Six Nations Reserve, Turtle Clan, Bay of Quinte Mohawk.

Installation views